D’Joya showcases artwork at private Jewels of the World viewing – Four Seasons Hotel, Baku

D’Joya looks forward to the imminent start of the fourth edition of the Jewels of the World Private Viewing at Baku’s Four Seasons Hotel.

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Press Release

APRIL 26-28, 2017
The Fourth Edition of the International Jewellery and Art event, organized by
Jewels of the World, will take place this spring on April 26-28 at the prestigious Suites
of Four Seasons Hotel.

Baku’s most luxurious Beaux-Arts style Hotel will traditionally
host the world’s finest and most exquisite jewellery creators and rare watch
makers. The following exclusive brands will show their exceptional collections
to the Azeri audience: DeLaneau, D’Joya high jewellery, Greubel Forsey, Lydia
Courteille Creations, Magnificent Hong Kong, Tenzo high jewellery, Urwerk, Yvel.
The accent this year is on presenting the right balance and the subtle blending
between high-end precious stones and South Sea pearls collections, and hand
crafted watches, accompanied by dedicated work-shops of the brands,
revealing the unique process of creating exceptional pieces. Each brand will
welcome the guests in their specially arranged and designed Suite, further
contributing to the feeling of uniqueness.
Art has always been an inalienable and important part of JW concept. This year
we will be glad to host the Parisian Gallery Stanislas Bourgain who jointly with Yarat
Foundation, Baku will present in “Suite Russe” its mind-teasing contemporary art
“Jewels of the World’s Concept In Motion always strives to provide unique
opportunities to the most exclusive clientele in selected places of the world”, says
Valentina Vassileva, President of Jewels of the World, “For us as an organizer the
event in Baku is one of the JW highlights; our goal always is to bring together the
best of high jewellery, horology and art, and being the first to present the Unique
collections to the local elite”.



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