Miniatures are an art form that has captivated humanity for millennia. Even as far back as the Ancient Roman and Greeks we see there has been a longstanding fascination with things reduced to the smallest scale, everything from portraits on coins to miniscule murals highlighting the fact that sometimes, it’s the smaller things in life which are the most exquisite and interesting of all.

From dollhouses to charm bracelets, bonsai trees to macro art, this fascination with all things miniature continues today, something which whimsical jewellery creators D’Joya have decided to explore with their latest spectacular creations.  Perhaps what makes miniatures themselves so appealing is that they often require so much more time and precise skill to create than something of a regular size. Many artists have managed to create large works of art but it is a select few who can create something on a smaller scale that still has impact and true value, a small handful of masters for whom going miniature means creating something truly extraordinary.

Inspired by this, the artisans at D’Joya teamed up with a Birmingham based talented artist for the creation of two rings featuring his impeccable miniature work, both of which are treasures that are quite unlike anything D’joya have ever created before.

The first of these rings is a stunning ring dedicated to the Walt Disney classic Dumbo. A tale of overcoming one’s weaknesses and finding belief in yourself or simply a splendid tale of friendship and good fun, the film has inspired generations of people and remains as one of the Disney classics that has stood the test of time. A story that serves as a wonderful testament to the bond between mother and child as well, D’Joya wanted to create a ring that symbolises this level of nurture and devotion, teaming up with the miniaturist to design a ring that is an exquisite and heartfelt symbol of unity.

Formed from oxidised gold  and featuring a golden miniature of an elephant in a clear Domenic a tanzanite cabochon , the ring band itself is detailed with the engraving of an elephant that is cradling the miniature on the length of its trunk, keeping the golden baby safe from harm. A beautiful tribute to a story that will delight pachyderm lovers and Disney fans alike, this charming ring exudes emotion and elegance in equal measure – ideal for when you want something heartfelt as well as truly breath-taking in terms of artisanal skill.

The other miniature that D’Joya has created is one inspired by St.Peter’s Square in Vatican City. A striking feat of architecture in one of the world’s most celebrated centres of religion, the square has been perfectly translated into miniature size, formed out of silvery columns that are a wonderful echo of the full size version. Standing at the centre of this impressive ring is another clear dome – this time filled with an incredibly intricate version of Christ on the crucifix placed on an Unheated Burmese sapphire . Placed in the location usually inhabited by the incredible Vatican Obelisk, this miniature of Jesus Christ has been painstakingly realised to perfection, everything from his expression to his flowing hair wonderfully captured by the artist as a symbol of holy beauty.

A wonderful ring for anyone who appreciates the complexities of the fine art of miniature or any devout believer who wants a truly extraordinary expression of their beliefs, the St Peter’s Square ring is charming and compelling – a perfect combination of luxurious materials and precise craftsmanship that makes it a piece that will always attract the right attention.

An impeccable duo of jewellery pieces that show D’Joya’s continued commitment to the simply extraordinary, both the elephant ring and St. Peter’s Square ring serve to prove that the old adage of “good things come in small packages” is certainly true, especially when that thing strays into the realms of miniature.


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