A Bracelet of Many Colours

Despite its biblical origins, there’s a good chance that most people know of Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours by virtue of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. That can’t be helped; the musical is after all one of the catchiest in existence (who doesn’t know at least the first verse of ‘Any Dream Will Do’?). At the centre of it all is that famous coat and, while the actual translation of kethoneth passim suggests something far simpler, it’s hard to not be caught up in the rainbow of colours referenced in its headline song. Scarlet and black and ochre and peach and ruby and olive and violet and fawn and lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve and cream and crimson and silver… the tirade of hues goes on. It’s certainly a romantic notion, but one that has been the source of inspiration to plenty of artists and artisans over the years, including 16th century painter Velazquez. D’Joya has reinterpreted the story of the magical coat in their own way, one far more luxurious than any fabric rainbow.Rather than blues, greens, pinks or reds, the fine jeweller has opted for a veritable host of fancy-coloured white and golden rose diamonds, a mosaic of exquisite, richly-hued gemstones covering their stunning bracelet. Yet while the colour doesn’t vary quite as much as the coat that inspired the piece, there’s more variation than simply colour.

The 315 diamonds that cover the piece are a myriad cuts, a field of emerald, brilliant, marquise and pear cut stones that fit together magnificently. It’s a seemingly random selection that dazzles the eye, the various cuts creating a patchwork more reminiscent of Joseph’s coat than the colours suggest. The setting in precious yellow gold reflects the lustrous gleam of these unique stones and enhances their uniquely glamorous personality, elevating the entire melange of glittering diamonds to new levels of extraordinary. Such is the kind of pieces that is impossible to tear your eyes away from; you’ll find yourself finding ever more nuances and different stones while you wear it. It will have an even more pronounced effect on anyone else that notices it on your wrist which, given the nature of the bracelet, will be everyone.

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours is unequivocally the most famous piece of biblical clothing. Its unending range of colours has inspired musicals, paintings and countless creative works, yet if anything has ever been created to give the coat a run for its money in terms of impact it is D’Joya’s diamond-encrusted masterpiece.


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