D’Joya to exhibit stunning jewels at Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong, September 30 – October 3

For the third time, world-class high jewellery creator D’Joya is about to treat Hong Kong to a discreet showcase of some of its finest jewels at the Fine Art Asia show.

The UK-based art jewellery collective is set to come and impress Hong Kong for the third time at this year’s Fine Art Asia show in Hong Kong.

From the 30th of September to the 3rd of October 2017, D’Joya will showcase its exclusive collection at the Fine Art Asia Exhibition.

Each of D’Joya’s inimitable, one-of a-kind pieces is an ingenious ode to life that effortlessly evokes a vibrant story.

Their inspiration comes from art, nature, fables and stories, emotions and culture.

D’Joya’s technical know-how enables them to express their art in styles and designs as diverse as their muses are.

Each piece has a story whose universal and timeless appeal makes it a wonderful heirloom.

This will be D’Joya’s third visit to Fine Art Asia, and this year, they will be showcasing, among other pieces, the stunning Duomo Wheel Ring from their Rosettes collection, the exquisite Gloucester Cathedral Bracelet, and another very special piece, the Celebrating Life necklace from their Heirlooms collection.

If you plan on being in Hong Kong between September 30th and October 3rd, it is definitely worth visiting D’Joya at the Fine Art Asia show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and enjoying the incredibly fine work they will be showcasing.


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