D’Joya and the art of storytelling

Storytelling has and will always be an intrinsic part of human culture. From cave drawings to mythical lore passed down over generations, from epics like the Iliad, the Odyssee, the Mahabarata or the Ramayana, to our tales from history, we have long communicated over generations through our stories.

Stories engage the human mind in various forms through literature, entertainment, paintings, sculptures, etc. They are a refined medium to convey our point, engaging the listener & making them visualise different possibilities, tapping into their imagination & creating different possibilities only they can experience.

Stories have always been a very good medium to engage and educate. Over time our society has appreciated people from literature to cinema to art like Shakespeare, Hitchcock, Picasso, or Dali, who have been very articulate in conveying their views.

It takes rare talent to raise storytelling to an art form, which these masters achieved, with an impact lasting for generations & beyond.

The key to this achievement was their ability to engage the audience & transport them into a realm where they can experience a reality which is normally unattainable in daily life, freeing their minds of the shackles of the mundane & leading them to the limitless.

At D’Joya, we have made the art of storytelling our basic principle and added a visual three-dimensional realm to enhance the experience.

Every creation is a story from our perspective, appreciating the beauty of nature, architecture, philosophy, or a worldview, among others, a story created in utmost detail & time-honoured techniques of craftsmanship in the most exquisite jewels.

We aim to weave stories and transport our patrons into a world only they can experience, to attach their souls to a place, meaning or experience and keep it alive forever for them with our creations. 

Our storytelling all started with our tribute to the great Antoni Gaudi – an alchemist of an architect whose vision has changed the skyline in Barcelona. Inspired by his creations and philosophy, this 20-piece collection is our tribute to the great man.

Our inspiration can come from sources such as architecture, or tales like that of the hare & tortoise, or wonders of nature – or of the city, as can be experienced in our rosette collection – or celebrating an artist like Gaudi or Van Gogh, or discovering oneself, as in the Metamorphosis of a Butterfly.

Metamorphosis of a Butterfly Ring

The journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly is captured in this statement piece. The shank  represents the caterpillar, meeting at its ends the wings, themselves artfully set with naturally-coloured diamonds of various hues. Right in the centre is the cocoon, depicted through a purplish pink stone, set inside a butterfly-shaped diamond that we cut especially for this piece. We have used a classic “portrait” technique to magnify the heart of the butterfly.

There are endless stories and infinite ways they can be told. If there ever is one in you, we are always there to help you make it come alive.


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