Masters of Creation in the spotlight: sneak peek at D’Joya’s display at Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Fine Art Asia Fair, a major highlight of the art calendar in Asia, officially started today, after a definite buzz around yesterday’s vernissage.

D’Joya is showcasing some of its finest art works at the event, displaying its selection as part of the Masters of Creation collective, a semi-virtual gallery which brings together inspired and highly technically skilled artists and designers of objets d’art, watches and high jewellery. World-class creativity and craftsmanship, as well as an approach that is artistic rather than mercantile, create a strong bond between these kindred spirits of the art world.

The fair crowns the peak of the October art season in Hong Kong and coincides with Sotheby’s auctions in the same venue. Along with art exhibitions and events across the city, the vibrant art scene attracts a sophisticated audience of dealers, collectors, curators and art lovers from throughout Asia as well as from all over the world.”

D’Joya’s art has already earned, as in previous years, a special mention from the Fine Art Asia team among “almost 100 world-renowned Hong Kong and international galleries, presenting an outstanding display of fine art and antiques”, according to Andy Hei, co-chairman and president of the Fair.

D’Joya’s Duomo Pearl Ring, which recreates the wheel of the Florence Duomo, can be seen as part of the official highlights of this year’s Fine Art Asia. This magnificent, one-of-a-kind piece features a 4.31 ct natural Basra saltwater pearl, around which the delicate rosette is intricately weaved.

fair highlights

Also on display at D’Joya’s are pieces that Hong Kong’s notoriously discerning art collectors are likely to be drawn to, such as the M.C. Escher Necklace, with its breathtaking set of emerald cabochons and surprising enamel and diamond work, hidden from sight to all but those who can truly come close to it, and the Starry Night Ring, inspired by Van Gogh‘s famously magnetic opus. That same magnetism is captured in the interplay of a rarely vibrant indigo tanzanite and delicate natural coloured diamonds.

For more information about the event, please visit or e-mail



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