Fine Art Asia: the Masters of Creation collective, a unique shared ‘space’ for D’Joya and fellow creators

Each year since 2015, D’Joya has been privileged to showcase its work at Hong Kong’s Fine Art Asia Fair. The Fair is one of D’Joya’s favourite occasions to exhibit stories in jewels, and has been, each of these three years, a wonderful time and place to meet art collectors, art lovers, art dealers and artists.

This year was no exception, as guests expressed a considerable interest in D’Joya’s featured jewellery artwork, like the Sainte Chapelle Ring, inspired by the celebrated Paris monument, and other pieces, such as the Gloucester Cathedral Bracelet, with its surprising interplay of sapphires and pearls, which combine to evoke the breathtaking perspective of vaulted ceilings that can be seen in Gloucester’s gem of a cathedral.

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This edition of Fine Art Asia was, however, noteworthy in so far as this year D’Joya joined other maisons to exhibit together world-class objets d’art, high jewellery and fine watches under the umbrella of the Masters of Creation collective.

Fellow like-minded members of the collective include high jewellery designer Philippe Lauras, whose delicate Falbala collection earned much attention at the Fair, and Philippe Raymond, with his world-class artistic marquetry designs, which also stood out at Fine Art Asia.

Another member of the Masters of Creation collective who exhibited her work at the show was Lise Bouissiere, a well-established French jewellery, watches and objets d’art designer. One of her materials of choice is mother of pearl (examples pictured below).

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Joining forces with creators of highly individual pieces that exude both lyrical creativity and rare craftsmanship is an opportunity for each member of the collective to affirm their artistic ethos, in stark contrast with the growing commodification of artistic media such as jewellery. Masters of Creation’s manifesto declares itself a space for creators “to share, challenge, unite and exchange”, halfway between a gallery and an artistic movement.

Stay tuned for more joint showcases by D’Joya and other Masters of Creation in the future.


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