Suspended in time and a minute space: D’Joya’s one-of-a-kind miniature St Peter’s Square Ring

D’Joya’s dedication to doing justice to each of the stories told by the collective’s jewels means these work of art often take over a year, sometimes more, to create.
Each piece has a unique importance – be it because of its ingenious design achievements, for technicalities should never get in the way of the true beauty of each story, or simply because they each are the only piece to tell their own tale from a certain perspective, and as such the only one to encapsulate the unique mix of emotions and beauty it conveys.
When it comes to “encapsulating” art in a form that not only is wearable, but also compels the spirit while fitting in the palm of one’s hand, a striking case in point is D’Joya’s remarkable St Peter’s Square ring.
This moving, sublime design is incredibly rich in layers and scope of interpretation.

St Peter's Square

The current Pope has been displaying a striking independence of mind with regards to his role, breaking boundaries and reaching out to worldwide communities, following his own decisions as to how best to serve his ideals. This vibrant image of the power of the human spirit was one D’Joya wanted to convey through a design fitting such a challenge.

A view from the dome of the Basilica, adapted from Vvalyag (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0

Our eyes turned to the magnetic influence of St Peter’s Square, which we based this one-of-a-kind ring upon. The representation of the Square is set on an unheated Burmese sapphire and encased in majestic silvery columns, like the ones that can be seen on this holy landmark, and which architect Bernini conceived as the open arms of the church embracing the world, a “matrix” at the core of all churches.
By Andreas Tille - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Quietly presiding over the faith of countless souls, the Square and Basilica stand majestically, as though staring down the passing of time. (Image by Andreas Tille – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
The next step was to combine this very special inspiration with the supreme symbol of christianity, Christ on the cross, in the position of the obelisk. Only the most remarkable tour de force could encircle such an image, so we rose to the challenge by creating a sapphire crystal dome as a means both to shield and magnify this precious sculpture.
The wonderfully thorough depiction of Jesus Christ, created in collaboration with a very private, yet renowned British sculptor of miniatures, conveys a sense of divine perfection and harmony within the human form, from his expression to his flowing hair.
Enigmatic, mesmerising, delicate yet bold, subliming the world-class design and supremely precious materials that brought it into existence, St Peter’s Square invites to contemplation, to the love of fine art crystallised into a moving creation and, for the spiritually-minded, to the expression of one’s faith.

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Our designers and craftsmen see a great privilege in telling tales of the beauty and awe of our world, and their uncompromising vision enables the creation of unique, inimitable artworks that embrace the essence of the stories they tell with a timeless grace and striking character.

For more information about D’Joya’s jewellery art, or to request a bespoke piece, please contact us.


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